It’s Not Easy Being Green(or Being a Blogger)

Remember Sesame Street and your good friend Kermit the Frog? He sang a song entitled ” It’s Not Easy Being Green” As we wrap up our Emerging Media class, I thought of that song and my expectations for this assignment. I thought it would be easy. People blog about all sorts of things. There are millions of followers of blogs. everything from home décor to serious topics.

I’m an author. I got this. I’ll just win everyone over with my wit and humor and will have 1,000 followers by lunch, I thought happily as I plotted my first post. Turns out, it’s not easy. There are factors to consider like how to effectively reach your audience and oh the design aspect! Yikes! It took me 2 weeks to be able to figure out how to insert a photo!

Here is what I can pass on to each of you from my journey.

Find topics you love.

Give yourself time to figure things out

Have FUN!

Emerging media is changing by leaps and bounds daily! New opportunities  to engage others occur daily. Find your voice, learn the outlet and run boldly with it! You may just change a few lives in the process with what you have to say! ( But don’t expect to get 1,000 followers by lunch!)


Emerging Media and PR

Charlotte, NC and the entire state of North Carolina is facing major backlash resulting in the decision to ignore a law that allows transgendered people to use the restroom of their choice. They are refusing to accept the decision and not allowing it to happen. This has garnered National attention from the media as well as business owners who are refusing to do business within the state of North Carolina FB founder Mark Zuckerburg issued a statement opposing the decision and multimillion dollars deals are being cancelled in light of this news.

My dad, who recently moved to North Carolina, called a PR official with the NC governor’s office to express his opinion opposing the matter and respectfully shared his views only to be screamed at then hung up on. Whoah.

Emerging media is a resource to be used to highlight and showcase one’s business or organization but it’s important to remember that if we as marketers are not engaging in positively tackling issues and putting our organizations in the best light we can while remembering common courtesy, honesty and openness. If we are not consistent in protecting our relationships that are built with customers, all efforts and engaging them by using various facets of social media are futile.

Have you ever experienced a controversial issue in your job? Did you use forms of emerging media to get the correct message out to your followers?


Voice Searches and Kooka Cola

Recently I was doing some research on Coca Cola and defining what keywords made for better searches and what strategies we as marketers can learn from that. I tried various search engines and even searched social media sites.

I searched for coca cola on Siri and the result was quite comical. Now, I am totally willing to accept blame with my thick southern drawl for the mistake that was made and I’m sure it was funny if others could see my conversation with Siri as I tried to take out my drawl to help her along!

Every time I would say ” Siri, search Coca Cola” she would tell me she could not find any results on Kooka Cola. Every time I would say coke, she would say Kook!

This is one of the most widely known brands on earth and Siri and I had some issues finding anything about the product together! I find with Siri, this happens more often than not. This week’s question is this: What can we as marketers do to help our customers find us when they predominantly use voice search as their mode of seeking us?

I’ll be anxiously awaiting your answer as I sip my Kooka Cola! coca_cola-update-20_1-720x415.jpg


What Happens When We Slow Down?

I am currently sipping Theraflu and nursing a temperature of 102.4. My daughter and I have strep. In my emerging media class, we talk about busting through clutter to attract consumers who are busy and multitasking. What happens when we slow down and how does it effect how we relate to emerging media? Today my daughter and I have played on apps, watched Netflix, I browsed facebook as she napped. We went to bath and body work’s website to browse new spring hand soaps( maybe a subconscious desire to rid ourselves of germs?) We laughed at youtube videos together and entertained ourselves. We used the time we had recovering to engage in various forms of emerging media. I came upon various ads throughout the day, was notified of sales, saw some good examples of product placement in shows and was even inspired to purchase some items from these interactions. I was more free to explore the sites I visited and I watched videos and became a more involved consumer rather than hurrying through a purchase as I normally do.

We as marketers need to be aware that although it is good to keep an eye out for the busy multi taskers, there is something to be said for creating quality content for times when others have the luxury of taking their time and really delving in to the ways we use emerging media as well.

Does Emerging Media Impact How We Travel?

On a recent trip to the beach I noticed an increasing trend and how emerging media plays a role in reaching travelers to popular tourist destinations. One can watch videos of famous seafood buffets and what they contain if you are planning a beach trip, you can download amusement park apps to help you locate your favorite rides, you can even use emerging media to locate your perfect place to stay while you are away.

But what happens when businesses almost force you to take part in their form of emerging media without you necessarily wanting to?  When I was planning a beach trip, I wanted to get a local perspective on weather rather than relying on the weather channel. I went to a local news station for Myrtle Beach and was greeted with a prompt to download their app.

unnamed.pngI declined and continued to the news site and clicked on the weather icon to look at the local weather conditions. It was very vague, provided very limited information and provided more prompts to download the app. It is clear that this news station is taking advantage of visitors wanting better access to weather conditions and using it as a way to increase traffic to their app. It ended up having a negative impact on my travel plans and my overall perception of the area. I kept waiting for other businesses to try to lure me in to their hooks instead of feeling like I was the one in control.

In my opinion, it was pushy and left me feeling that I had a right to that information and couldn’t have the best access because I refused to do it their way. The question I pose to you this week is how do we as marketers find the balance between providing emerging media mediums to consumers without shoving it down their throat?

Is Mobile Marketing Always Effective?

I was browsing a local business on my mobile device this week and from all platforms, they seemed to not be communicating effectively with mobile consumers, That is until I engaged the owner via Facebook’s private messaging system. It was then and only then that I saw the passion for the business emerge.

Once engaged personally, the owner shared the story for how the name of the business came to be and shared their love of the business and all that it stood for.  She explained that they stopped engaging via social media  because there was no need for that in a business that was about the one on one relationship that was developed. The question I pose to you this week is this. Do you think mobile marketing on various platforms is always effective?

I’ve thought long and hard about that this week and here is my answer. I think there is room for both. If a business owner wants to put time and energy into individually building relationships, they should. But, it’s important to wisely use each platform to share the passion for the business and for developing relationships as well.

What’s Emerging Now? Pop Tarts

I was researching sites that marketed to children in my Emerging Media class this week and came across something interesting.  Pop Tarts. We all loved them as children and they have been in the market for 50 years. What’s new you may ask?

The site itself is not very interesting. Just some common information pertaining to flavors. No flashy links. No bells and whistles. But one thing stood out.

Are you ready for it? Here it is! You can buy a box of pop tarts for 17.95 that expresses how deeply feel for your loved ones complete with a picture of them with an appropriate sentiment. So, if you’re looking for just the right thing to say and want to wish your Uncle Joe an Happy Birthday, a box of Pop Tarts with his name on it just may do the trick!

But why stop there? You can even announce the gender of your bundle of joy right on a box! Get yours today!

What are your thoughts? Good idea or far fetched?